Next Apex’s mission is to empower student-athletes to overcome social and economic barriers through the power of sport. By engaging athletes together and utilizing mentorship, NextApex athletes will learn lessons of perseverance, grit, responsibility, commitment, and family. NextApex will help its student-athletes visualize their dreams, inspire them through mentorship, provide support, Engage them in NextApex network, and Empower them to utilize the lessons learned to succeed.

NextApex connects athletes, encouraging each to inspire and mentor those around them thus creating a continuous sustainable cycle of mentorship and growth.


NextApex’ s athlete, Clovys attends TCU through mentorship with NextApex


NextApex relies on financial donations from people like you, including company sponsorships, private organizations, club donations and fundraising efforts
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Can’t donate financially? NextApex will collect your gently used athletic equipment and distribute it to teams and athletes in need.

NextApex Athletes must contribute through dedication and hard work as a student in the classroom and outside the classroom in their community and their sport. NextApex provides the foundation to help them succeed and mentors to guide them along the way.


Ailton Temotio, Junior
Founder and Lead Mentor


Sustainable Mentorship Network

LEARN MORE: How does NextApex Engage & Empower?

  • Mentorship: consistent communication with a mentor who provides guidance
  • Family: When you become part of the community you are joining our family, inspiring those involved to stay involved and lookto the Next person they can help.
  • Guidance: through school applications, visas and other technical paperwork or program requirements
  • Advising student-athletes on college options and admittance requirements, or other educational opportunities in their community, state or abroad, (depending on their personal goals).
  • Connecting student-athletes with coaches and programs around the world
  • Advocating for them throughout their journey and pushing them to keep working hard to achieve their dreams.
  • Empowering student-athletes with the tools and skills they need to succeed
  • Providing equipment for their sport that may not otherwise be affordable to accessible
  • Financial assistance for competition or travel related costs, English classes, tutors or application costs
  • Sustainable Cycle of student-athletes through our mentorship network


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